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Coalition RichardLearn About Me – Coalition Me!

Hi there, my name is Richard and I’ve been running Coalition Me for over 5 years now! I was never confident in anything I did. I knew I was capable of a lot, but I just didn’t think others were interested, cared or would want to hear it. It wasn’t until I had an ah-ha moment after being let go from my job as an IT Specialist that I knew things needed to change. A combination of family support and a handful of seminars and conversations with strangers encouraged me to stick up for myself and showoff what I was truly made of!

Now I run Coalition Me and help other people with their own confidence and the need to stick up for yourself and most importantly sell yourself! We work with clients first to improve from a personal mindset standpoint and then once the drive is there we work on personal branding and marketing. Once you have the confidence, we show you the best way to market your skillset and start getting the job, pay, relationship, what-have-you, that you truly deserve.