Blue Glass Table Top

Now, you might think that Blue Glass sounds like it might be a type of country music that comes from Kentucky. It is not. In this case it refers to the transparent or translucent material made from sand. Sometimes this color glass is used as a table top or for decorative uses, and it is often semi-transparent. Many people may find it has been placed on top of a patio table in suburban homes. There may or may not be an umbrella involved in this scenario. If there is an umbrella involved, it is usually used to shade the people underneath it from the rays of the sun. It does not work well to keep the rain off table top

The glass table top may not be designed to support a lot of weight, but it does not need to be. Someone who puts all of his or her weight on it is probably asking for the item to break. If he does break it, he should consider how he intends to go about replacing the item. Even though these items are fairly common place, they are not cheap. A glass table top may cost more than some people make in a week, but it depends on its size.